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TSUMIKI 22 pieces

18,700 JPY

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Building blocks shape in a simple triangle. Way of constructing is infinite. It is beautiful interior objects, as well as good for children to develop their imagination. Design : Kengo Kuma Material : Cedar Size : W125×H295× D45 (22p)(1Peace : W110×H120×D40) 【Special site of TUMIKI】 http://more-trees-design.jp/tsumiki/ --------------------------------------------- About More Trees More Trees is a forest conservation organization founded in 2007 by a celebratedcomposer and musician, RyuichiSakamoto, based on the concept as its namesuggests. With an overarching concept “Connecting Cities and Forests”, More Treespromotes forest restoration in Japan and abroad aiming to recover and diversify the functions of forests. More Trees works to thin forests in Japan and plant treesabroad. https://www.more-trees.org/en/

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